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DNA / RNA Extraction

We extract for you the genetic material (DNA or RNA) from different types of samples (single cell, tissues, bacteria, faeces...)


Many questions related to biology can be clarified using this genetic material amplification technique.


This technique of gene amplification makes it possible to detect a gene or indirectly an organism present in very small quantities in a sample, to measure the expression of a gene or to identify a mutation in DNA.

Sanger Sequencing

BIOMNIGENE offers its customers a high quality sequencing performed by qualified experts in sequencing Sanger. We realize this service within 48 hours after receipt on our premises and we can organize for your sample’s collection.

Library preparation

We have the expertise and equipment required to prepare, optimize and purify your DNA or RNA libraries of predefined sizes.

Next generation Sequencing

BIOMNIGENE performs for you the sequencing of amplicons, plasmids, small genomes (bacteria), mRNAs, transcriptomes, mixtures of amplicons (metagenomics), or exomes by high-throughput sequencing on MiSeq and iSeq100 from Illumina.

Antibody sequencing

Antibodies are proteins used in the treatment of certain diseases but also in diagnosis. The knowledge of the genetic sequences corresponding to these molecules allows a conservation of the cell line producing this protein of interest.

Microsatellites analysis

Microsatellites, short DNA sequences more or less preserved within the genome, will be a valuable aid for all your studies of matching between individuals or monitoring populations

Other techniques

Thanks to their training, our project managers are able to offer you other techniques of molecular biology such as vector construction, cloning, recombinant protein production, immunofluorescence, ELISA, various blotting techniques

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