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Molecular biology designed for your needs


Microbiome sequençing

Based on the analysis of regions V1 to V9 of the ARNr 16S

A flexible service adapted to your needs

Up to 150 simultaneous analyses with 100,000 readings per sample
Phylogenetic analysis and taxonomic affiliation within 6 weeks
Other possible options: 18S, ITS...

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High throughput sequencing for monoclonal antibodies

All our antibody sequencing know-how is now available for batches from 24 to 384 simultaneously sequenced hybridomas.

Several options available

Choice of species (rodents, primates, ...)
Variables parts only

Agrément CIR

Research tax credit agreement

Biomnigene is now registered for the research tax credit.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Ready to load
Ready to load library sequencing service

All illumina compatibles librairies

Fragment from 150 to 600 base pairs
Secure data transfert
1 to 2 week delay

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Biomnigene in Besançon, the specialist in genetic sequencing

BIOMNIGENE, based in Franche-Comté, is an expert company in molecular biology techniques. It offers its customers genetic analysis services from simple PCR to high throughput NGS sequencing.

Thanks to its know-how, our team has also developed a method for microbiome analysis for environmental, industrial or medical issues, in compliance with good laboratory practices. BIOMNIGENE offers you integrated solutions, from sample processing to the preparation of NGS libraries or else the bioinformatics analysis of data from our high throughput sequencing devices.

Biomnigene in Besançon, the specialist in genetic sequencing

BIOMNIGENE offers a fast and reliable service for the genetic sequencing of monoclonal antibodies to the backup of hybridoma lines of particular interest. BIOMNIGENE has the ambition to become a leading company in monoclonal antibody sequencing by developing an NGS methodology for this service.

We support our clients in the though and implementation of their scientific projects by providing the skills and experience of our project managers to ensure effective and innovative approaches.

Biomnigene in Besançon, the expert in genetic sequencing
Biomnigene in Besançon, the expert in genetic sequencing
Agrément Crédit d'impôt recherche

Biomnigene is now registered for the Research Tax Credit for the next three years.

Thanks to this approval, you will be able to take into account the services we provide in your eligible expenses for the Research Tax Credit or Innovation Tax Credit.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the CIR approval.

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Analyser une séquence génétique

Analysis of a
genetic sequence

The study of genes and their variants allows you to establish links between individuals, to predict or to confirm certain characters, to identify mutations resulting from exposure to active principles or some environmental conditions, to locate specific sequence ...

Détection d'organismes


You want to identify an organism present or having transited in a particular environment, to study the microbiome contained in a sample and to compare it to other conditions, to know the effect of molecules of interest on the skin or intestinal flora…

Expression de gènes et quantification

Genes expression
and quantification

Your scientific projects consist in determining the expression level of RNA produced from a gene or the whole genome, or transcriptome, under a well-defined condition.

Microbiome analysis


You wish to carry out the microbiome analysis of samples from a collection campaign. We offer you different methodologies to meet your needs.

Etudes à façon


You do not know how to approach your project, the techniques to implement to resolve a complex problem or you do not have the necessary equipment or the know-how ...

Analyser une séquence génétique


Molecules of therapeutic interest, antibodies require years of development before they can be commercialized. The loss of a cell line producing these proteins leads to a financial impact for biotechnology companies. Biomnigene offers a hybridoma sequencing solution that allows the user to backup their strains.

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