Ready to load libraries

For research teams preparing their own sequencing libraries, Biomnigene makes its Illumina sequencing devices available.

Our ready-to-load library sequencing service is designed to be fast and affordable. Several options can be proposed to you to best meet the requirements of your NGS project.

We monitor the quality of each library before loading on our devices.

Send us your libraries or samples and let our specialists do the rest.

Illumina MiSeq


Illumina MiSeq

Illumina iSeq100

Sequencing method

2 x 150 base pairs

2 x 250 base pairs

3 x 300 base pairs

Others, upon request


Demultiplexing of data for free

Others, upon request

Delivery time

From 5 business days

May vary according to requests

Screenshot during a sequencing on Illumina MiSeQ

Frequently asked questions

Which type of ready to load library can I submit ?

We accept all libraries compatible with illumina technology. Libraries can derive from genomic DNA for complete genome sequencing or from RNA for transcriptome studies. Ampicon libraries can also be analyzed.

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