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Biomnigene is equipped with a state-of-the-art equipment park for genetic analysis.

MiSeq Illumina

Versatile device that can be used to solve various problems such as amplicon sequencing, transcriptome analysis or entire bacterial genome sequencing.

iSeq 100 Illumina

The iSeq 100 latest innovation of Illumina, is a compact benchtop system that offers robustness and reliability for a broad range of applications even though the analysis is limited to a small number of samples. Ideal for small projects!

SeqStudio Applied Biosystems

Fluorescence-based capillary electrophoresis system used for the Sanger sequencing of fragments up to 800 bp, it also allows the analysis of microsatellites.

Mastercycler X50s Eppendorf

Speed, flexibility and optimization qualify this 2D gradient thermocycler equipped with a silver block.

PippinHT Sage Science

This device is used to select and prepare DNA fragments of a defined size, particularly during the preparation of NGS libraries. Twenty-four samples can be processed simultaneously.

QuantStudio 3.0 Applied Biosystem

The QS3 Real-Time PCR System provides reliable and accurate data for a wide range of genomic applications such as differential gene expression, microorganism identification and genotyping.

Qiaxcel - Qiagen

Capillary electrophoresis system allowing the evaluation of the quality and size of 12 samples simultaneously in a reduced time compared to conventional electrophoresis devices.

NP80 Implen

A light and compact spectrophotometer, the NP80 provides highly reproducible assays of your nucleic acid samples, even at low concentrations, both in cuvettes and in micro-volume assays.

Qubit 4.0 Invitrogen

The Qubit 4.0 allows a fast and accurate assay by fluorimetric labelling of DNA, RNA and proteins. It also makes it possible to check the integrity of RNA after extraction.

Technician using a microscope

In brief, BIOMNIGENE has equipped itself with all the laboratory equipment to solve the maximum number of challenges that may be proposed to the company.

We have for that purpose:

  • two Thermofisher MCS Advantage microbiological safety stations
  • an Innova incubator-shaker in Eppendorf
  • two 5430R refrigerated centrifuges from Eppendorf
  • an inverted microscope with Evos fluorescence option from Thermofisher

All our equipment is available to meet your expectations as efficiently as possible.

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